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Residential Locksmith Stockton CA

Pick a residential knob lock to unlock in Stockton, CA.

Locked out? No Problem! Call Chris Mullen, Locksmith Service for fast, friendly and professional service. We can pick your locks to let you in right away. We respond to most calls in Stockton within 15 minutes.

Rekeying locks is something Chris Mullen, Locksmith Service specializes in. Rekeying a lock is the act of opening the cylinder in which the pins that correspond with your current keys are synced to. We are able to change the code (number sequence) of your pins in order to match them to a key you want.

Rekeying Locks can be useful for Real Estate agents. Most houses have a separate key for each door which can be very confusing. Why not have the peace of mind of knowing your one key opens every door of your house? Or any combination of two different keys.

Rekeying is very useful if you were previously in a living situation where you now need the key changed. Say you have a roommate situation that has not worked out t0o great. You want to make sure the ex-roommate cannot come back in but you don't want to go buy a bunch of locks and install them yourself. Because even then you have multiple keys which again, can be very confusing. So instead of going out and spending your money on locks, simply have us come out for a residential rekey. You will be glad you did.

Chris Mullen, Locksmith Service is a very flexible locksmith company that offers a multitude of locksmith services to Stockton, CA. and it's surrounding communities.

Please if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at: (209) 430-4798

Have an awesome day!

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